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Monday, March 28, 2011

Springing Forward..........

Spring has sprung in on the Gulf Coast.  Everywhere I look there is new life.  Buds are appearing on the plants that have been dormant all winter,  the grass is turning green and the birds are beginning to make their way to the bird feeders we filled with fresh seed.  I love Spring, it is my favorite time of year (until Fall and then Fall is my favorite time of year....yes, I'm female).  

What is it about Spring that brings joy to most of us?  Is it the promise of new life in the plants and flowers around us?  The excitement of inching a little bit closer to vacation time? The warmer, longer days? The celebration of Easter and the resurrection?   Beach, boating, and family time?   For me I think it is all of the above.

This Spring is especially promising for our family.  Our little "Pookie", Josh  is all grown up and getting married in June.  How is that possible,  I only gave birth to him just a few minutes ago!  If you've had a child get married you know of what I speak.  If you haven't, it happens in a blink.  Only yesterday we were running from ballpark to ballpark, cooking hot dogs, driving through McDonald's, rushing home to wash uniforms and get homework done only to start over again the next day.  My precious husband accepted this child and the responsibility of helping raising him when he married me.  He has stood by my side unwaveringly through every tear, every trial, and every triumph of parenthood with Josh.  And in June, he will stand beside me as we watch Josh marry his chosen bride.   So this Spring as Danny and I spring forward we feel we are springing forward to a new chapter.  Another child getting another feather in it's wing that will take him away from our home and on his life journey.  We've prayed for Josh and Chelsea for many years.  We pray God blesses their marriage and that He will be the center of their union together.  But as with all of our children, there will always be a warm place in our nest and hearts for Josh, the third in our blended tribe of four.   We are so proud of all of our children.  We know we've done nothing to deserve them and the blessings they bring to us each and every day.

What changes is God springing forward in your life this Spring?  Send your comments, I would love to hear from you.   This week I'm giving away a Starbucks gift card to a random winner that comments back on my blog.


  1. Hey Jen,

    I love your hair on your profile. Really cute.

    As for change...the real question for me is: "What isn't changing?" Seems like everything has been either tweaked or trashed this last year. But, I'm trusting that God is in all of it, whether it's confusing or not. He is able.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to hearing more!

  2. I feel ya, Jen! I love spring too - the promise of rebirth and renewal is so refreshing & invigorating! We, also, have a son getting married in the near future. It's so wonderful when your child finds his/her soulmate, the love of his life. We, too, pray that Christ will be their firm foundation. Thanks for your blog - what a blessing!